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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Feeling Freudian

{So... I'm back. Perhaps not in as full force as I would like to be, but as much as time and sanity will allow. Speaking of sanity... I must explain where I've been. (Well I don't have to... but I'm gonna.) :) This fall I've started back to school studying for my M.S. in Clinical Psychology. I took a couple weeks off before school started and that's when I dropped off of the LLL-Radar. So, now that things are in full-swing at school and life is ultimately crazy and thrilling.... I figured by now I must have something to share with the world.}

Sigmund Freud.... famous psychologist...... psychoanalysis..... structural model of personality.... oedipus complex ..... interpretation of dreams ......... and free association.

Free association is something I like doing for fun, and it's a great way to get to know people. Just thought I'd share a little bit and ease back into blogging again daily (I hope). While I don't subscribe to the full letter of Freud's beliefs about the "self"; and I'm not sure about all of the complexes and problems that he suggested come about as a result of being stuck in one of the psychosexual stages, but I do know that he was onto something.

Though he was a bit out there on some things, in my opinion, I believe we owe him a debt of gratitude or blame (however you see it.... I say gratitude) for being willing to sound like a quack and form all these theories about things that others had not been openly discussing about the way personality is formed, development progresses, or how the mind works.

Freud was a fascinating guy. So, in reference to him and the way he has helped to form a society of helping professionals who seek to test, understand, analyze, and treat the mind .... I say thanks! And when I'm really in an analytical mood, I like to say I'm feeling Freudian.... slips and all.

Want to know more about Freud? http://webspace.ship.edu/cgboer/freud.html

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