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Friday, November 14, 2008

Wow... Ok, so it's been a month of Sundays, at least, since I last blogged. Sorry.

Life has taken me by the tail lately and it's been a struggle to accomplish the "must do" list, much less the "want to" list. So, here I am again. I'm not making any promises that this will be consistent, by any means. But when things strike me as appropriate to write about in a public blog, I will.

Ok. To catch you all up:

School: Clinical Psych Grad Program... itense, challenging, hopefully as rewarding as I imagined, overwhelming at times, but I'm feeling like it might actually be possibly. If the end of the semester would just hurry up and get here!....aaahhhhh!

Work: Looking for something more up my alley, but hanging in there with the international education department. Hoping for a position within the psych/counseling field next year. No practicum this summer, so have to find a back-up idea.

Family/Friends: Things shifting, but in a positive direction for all, it seems. Finding new ways to connect to my own family members, new circle of friends, developing friendships with other students and even an undergrad or two, old relationship transformed to a friendship and a new relationship developing.

Life has an interesting, fast-moving and sometimes stressful ebb and flow; but if you keep your seat-belt on, hold on tight and enjoy the ride.... it will be alright in the end.

I'll keep you updated and I'll try to post again soon. Good day to you all!

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